Embrace the feeling of being new

All great worthwhile adventures usually tend to start with a clumsy beginning of self-doubt and of fearing the unknown or the not known of what is ahead, sometimes not having a definite path is refreshingly scary and with that comes that feeling of fresh excitement that our soul searches and craves,

This is my absolute beginning and have an overwhelming thought to pretend this is second nature to me and i have to fight the urge to play the im  already a seasoned blogger,

To become a master of any craft and feel comfortable doing something that you personally haven’t done yet takes time and experience that can only be achieved through the age old process of learning and bettering  our skills.

Many of us dislike that uncomfortable feeling of being the new person that has yet to learn what seems second nature to everybody else.

This is my very first post and i’m wholeheartedly going to make a conscious effort to enjoy being new and fresh, embrace that awkward feeling of self-doubt and a total lack of blogging confidence,

Knowing I’ve succumbed to scratching that damn blog-itch that wont quit i feel a sense of accomplishment that i have actually started this blog, still fighting the receding feeling that its 5 years overdue but knowing post number one is almost done and dusted squashes that feeling down just enough to hopefully let my very fresh and first second post see the light of day.

Have a good day.



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