Persistence –

Persistance- For I alone will make a impact of the greater of others, and for that i will survive.

Stare into the busy streets and an untrained glance will see only people going about their business going from here going to there, but why at all, is it a need to survive, is it for pleasure, do we do just what others do. Is it for the sole purpose of acquiring things like food, water, a self of importance.

Spending our weeks working wage in order to survive another week and in turn go to work again to alas receive the same predicament we must endure yet again, hold out just long enough for a holiday to tell us it is all worth it, it all has a purpose, to flatter our ego for a brief while longer, tell ourselves we are successful, compare oneself to another not so fortunate and feel adequately smug for one more day, until we have an unfortunate task of meeting someone much more fortunate, much more successful, a better car, a bigger house, nicer kids, more bang-able spouse, and we tell ourselves they have had the luck, they were more privileged, more confident and the spoon that they used was alot more silver.


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