Change can wait for tomorrow.

Change comes to me in many forms, usually it comes with an almost overwhelming desire for it, as if it must be done this immediate second, and i always let that moment slide right on by, as if i know there will be yet another nano second of complete unwavering focus that fills my everything with such immense overjoy that the time has finally came for me.

And yet it slides on by as if i could not really ever catch the thought like a sane man could,  like a pesky terrier wishing his tale was 1 inch longer today,

so today it would be caught, and it slides on by once more like it has done all before not to be outdone for tomorrow it will be around to tempt me like a candy store.

So for me i know my change is near but that does not make it any more fun, just keeps my over active thought process something to fear,


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