Hard Time Fostering

Some days go by without time for anything of any tangible measure, as if the week has come and gone without my chance to grasp, my dreams and thoughts have all come and go, till next week when it all starts again.

To stop and think about what has gone on in our life over the past non descriptive time frame, anywhere from now to 13 months ago, that was the time we fostered our first child, which was meant to be long-term and before to long we did not feel it was a comfortable fit, we made the painful decision that we could no longer persist with this particular child, we felt we failed miserably and did we give up on him to early, we will never know.

Although he has moved on to a place more suited  either that was our perceived ideal or that it actually was a new fresh start for him, I could dare say I will never know, but to the fact I most defiantly know he was thrown to yet another  unsuspecting “carer” with little chance of fitting in and happily enjoying the new placement.  Calculated disorganizing of  relevant important information from the budget watching agency’s where their true motivation becomes clearer the more you have to deal with them,  It’s a machine that cannot be understood from the outside with the policy and procedures lurking around every corner, Foster care is about making bad situations almost bearable for kids that just want a loving stable family and it is  far to common for this “Lucky Country”.

Why are so many young people’s lives are ruined before they have even a change to ruin their own, it’s just not fair, every human has the right to fuck up their own life at whatever age they see fit, or as it would be unfit. Though these kids lives are dictated by their parent and or parents through a culmination of events and substance abuse with a leaning toward many illness’ (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) either through drug and alcohol abuse, neglect, mistreatment,sexual abuse, malnutrition, any number of other causes, and we shake our heads and wonder aren’t these people suppose to function in our society like everyone else.


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