Irrelevance and what for tomorrow

You could wonder for a day or decade of what is to come, words and thoughts flood through my internal gates with no effort or haste, I would be mistaken for thinking that my thoughts and ideas could possibly be fresh or brand new  for how naive i wish i could be. Still i have a burning desire that i am relevant to others not just me, that is an untried option that will have to wait until i have once devoured yet another personal thought of me. As if i have a choice or a distinct say for what is to come, I obey the hierarchy that keeps me in my safe little place, for who could i believe i was d breathe,  shallow thoughts and stagnate opinions that surround me, people that deserve rarely succeed, and those few that climb up high have the scratched clawed and never gave up or from the onset could they really not lose? For i don’t think to much on my old ideals anymore, I’ve recently seen and felt different parts of the world that are catching my mind and attention and I’m glad that’s the case because for another day i will continue on my search to see and believe what is in stall for me.

arrow in carpark


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