A little nonsense

All this nonsense and thoughtfulness into a contrived reality that has yet not happened, and if i was to really think down on it may never actually become a fruition, As if tonight matters more than last and somewhat easily surpassing tomorrows night with little effort.
What if i was to just sit an d ponder on the why? or potentially even the what.
Why am i here?
Why do i find it so hard to accomplish anything of any tangible measure – To think and wonder on that statement i have consciously lost the perceived battle in that split moment i asked myself the question, in reality i definitely have all the answers like everyone and anyone yet I must still play the game of charades to unlock the next part of my knowing.
Yet i understand more of the world and the people particulary the people i come in direct contact with which is few in scale but i would say they cover a good cross section of the population for my research that it could it be said would represent every human that has revoled through this spaital area at any given era.


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