Today is not tomorrow and by all accounts it is not yesterday, although one could be mistaken for dreaming of tomorrow outcome before today has ended and i am well over that thought.
Why cannot i live in the moment why can’t i believe in myself enough to start any particular thing or task as if it was my last, would i take today for granted or would i live it in total personal fulfillment, by that i do not mean go out and et what s mine, what i believe the world and others are to owe me before i breathe no more, what if nothing at all ever has and ever will definitely matter at all.
Move through these days will optimum clarity, every step, every thought, the focus and desire like no other, as if my mind’s outcome was already dreamt, already perceives through a window i can not see, no hesitation, no wavering each step taken along this unforseen path with an uncanny easy feeling that my path is safe.


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