Why Worry!

you worry, i worry, i wonder if a aardvark worries that he was born as an aardvark?
I haven’t always worried that i’m sure, did i worry that i would be born? Did i worry if the first human i seen was a ‘Doctor’, was this my father? I could insist that i had more on my plate then who is this strange fellow before me.
When did my consciousness ignite, was it at 7 o’clock when my mother went into labour? This i do not know and should i care, most definitely not, I have no reason to know these questions, I was born actually, so i must in fact be exactly the same as all the humans that walked a path before me, and undoubtedly i am the same as all that will come thy after.
I must not worry for these things that i do not know, cause to worry is to take focus of the amazing gift that we all have before us. I will awake tomorrow, for tomorrow is my last day, and exactly my very first day that i truly understand that i am here for a particular reason and in turn no reason at all.


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