Trauma in today’s terms

I don’t remember there being so much thought of trauma, so much talk around trauma and the heartache that travel along with it. That is much to do with my life now and where I am heading. I know some kids from trauma backgrounds personally and its a whirl wind for them.

As I think back to my rosy childhood ( not perfectly rose-coloured but compared to some I will not complain) and getting through my life without the heavy burden of the effects of domesticated trauma enforced upon these children, I wonder, I wonder how they will ever get through it, how or what they will use to rid this from there make up. How possibly can these kids grow up and have a “normal” outcome to their life. They are players in an unfair game that started before they were ready and by the time they grind, scratch and claw their way back up for another round, they will surely be beaten down once more.


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