If i was to focus what would i wholly focus on at this time, would it be my family, would it be something unrelated that i not yet know i’m interested in. For me focus has been a difficult thing to maintain, possibly my life as a child is to blame, maybe it was my parents fault, maybe its everything and anything, if i wish to focus then I shall focus indefinitely and intensely for as long as i wish. Why can I not achieve that mind yet. Yes yet, for all my short coming and all my lack of everything’s. ,a stable, responsible person of adulthood should be me by now, well i feel i have none of them. Though in return as is the case with the Yin and that of the Yang you cannot be everything all of the time, so if i’m good, well naturally i will have some bad, if i am smart, in fact i will be equally partly dumb of course.
If i live a terrible life of mishaps and hardships, a patient man will in fact bide his time a know his numbers will come. Soon enough no doubt but never soon enough for most of us. The game i see is not the game you see and it will never be, so why do I ponder so indefinitely on this wonderful nonsense?

If i was to think of all the great times of my life, would I have many, yes of course, could i have more, undoubtedly yes, so why do I still see the tough times come and go, cannot I just think of all the good in this moment, this exact moment, no other, no doubt, no wonder, no fairy tale, just except the time of the now and be content with what shall come and of course will go.

And today my mind thinks of the now and tomorrow I cannot judge, for understandably I will think for tomorrow right now, so in essence i have failed in my immediate thought, until tomorrow i guess.


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