Stuck in the middle

<Stuck in the middle>
Have we lost track of what we should be doing in this time. Should i be more successful than i am, could i be more emotionally adjusted to this life and these people, should i care more about the money i earn and the things i wish i could afford,  what would it feel like to be one of the few “Successful” person’s walking among us.
And i’m not yet a deadbeat, a vagabond, an undesirable, but no doubt to some i am and to others i am not, and sometimes i wish i was, then my middle-class worries would float away with a hobo’s daytime heavy drinkin’ schedule.
But i am not yet that, so for now i have to make sense of being stuck in the middle,
I work, I study, I believe i can be better, i work on my mind and my mindset constantly, so much, sometimes too much but of course i’m not that much different than a jellyfish floating through the sea.
I just perceive my life to be more important than thee, and in that i am constantly ignorant that i am unaware that i am just one step up the chain than a simple old jellyfish floating through the sea.


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