Nomads Adventure

I have just written down the places i have lived in a residence since my birth,  the number has reached 19 to date. My current age is 37, so this equates to a move every 1.947 years.

Since birth i move on average every 2 years, is this a problem that i have not focused on.

Why? I don’t even feel like a person that moves a whole lot, I know of people that have only say lived in 2 or 3 places since their arrival on this land, are they now settled happily, for life in that predicament? Maybe, maybe they don’t see that as a bad thing.

It makes me almost ill to think of never moving again, how and what will i explore, everything will look the same just the tree’s will be bigger and the people a little older. It’s consistency that these people look for and have found, so what is it that i’m am passively-actively seeking. “a member of a people that travels from place to place to find fresh pasture for its animals and has no permanent home.” (that is a nomad definition from first page of the “Google”) and although i do not particularly need pasture right now, maybe i need to find something to put to pasture and then i will have a need for good pasture.

I have a wife and four kids at the moment which is possibly slowing my moving average down a touch but hey they have had a tough start and could do with a little consistent shelter for now.

I have this internal hum that will not leave me, i settle for some time then it starts slowly and in frequently until like it is now, i want to move, move on, run away, discover new land, look for my so called “pasture”. Hopefully i will have that desire to search and explore for the rest of my life, because i have not chosen this life but i am damn well enjoying the ride.


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