NIl and void

Toward the end of today i anticipate a day so much the same it bores the cartilage from my settled bones. As today was like all the rest but today is one a one off, this is a day that will never come and go ever again and never before.

I could sit searching the #facebook’s or the #twitter’s looking, and longing for answers and inspiration, but i already have been there and although motivational “quotes” with over saturated sunshine picturesque backgrounds do get me happy inside, I know the benefits of looking at these and actually putting this sort of other peoples successful motivation into practice is well, it’s un-possibly impossible.

As if I were a #cosmonaut arriving at #spaceX in my shiny #tesla ready for my unprepared mission to the moon. In mind, in pictures this could happen to me, or possibly it will not, not yet anyways.

So i will sit and ponder and await my next instructions for what my life will hold in-store, with more actual energy used thinking about my next venture then actually absorbing myself into the particulars that could actually launch something specifically important like locking legs on landing rockets that have gone to space and back or not overly relying on oiled induced influences that we tell ourselves “this is the only way”.

I am bored with the usual, today i’m searching for something different and i do not care if the outcome is not favorable or unconventional, these are the hard times the others avoid.




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