Persistence is non-difficult

if i were to write a story i would hope it to be very well written no doubt,
if i were to play a game, i would hope i would play fair no doubt,

if i were to live a life, well then i would have to think more on that subject.

Basic in understanding although terribly difficult to implement, i want to be a trillionair, but have it without the presence of the actual wealth, to hold it without the pre-tense, to only have it long enough to know i had grasped it.
Well that is a tale in plain sight to any man’s keen eye, as if I could possess that desire and ability to make an idea eventuate. With all the disastrous possibilities that will undoubtedly rear their ever needy head, and for me to have the courage and inner confidence, not arrogance but inner confidence to endure the greatness that could be. I for one put my hand in the ring and will see it through to my last ability, and when my ability falls short as i know it will, i as any will unleash my never ending persistence in any condition for the greater good.


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